Saturday, May 4, 2013

More Punishment Thoughts, or Drunk Blogging!

I've had enough to drink tonight to disconnect my brain from my inhibitions.  I'll get out what I should write, instead of being concerned about what happens because of what I write. 

I've been coming up with possible scenarios for the punishment that I know I'll be getting from G. for skipping school (there doesn't seem to be a statute of limitations LOL).  As usual, my fantasies go far beyond what G. would probably do, but he does tend to come up with some seriously evil ideas.  When I asked him why he hadn't commented on my last punishment post, he said, "I don't need to comment, I take notes."  That could be dangerous, for my butt anyway!  Spilling my guts even further at this point will only add to that, but what fun is hiding options?  Might as well come out with some of them. 

Not sure yet if I want it to be ageplay.  I know that if G. had been around back when it had first happened, I wouldn't have been able to sit for a very long time.  The first time I was 14, but looked much older, so I wasn't exactly a kid.  That means that any ageplay would be teen centered, especially for the later one, which was when I was 17.  It's an option if nothing else.  Something to consider. 

What I keep thinking about, because the first time was three different classes, that I'd probably get spanked with something different for each class.  Rubber ruler for the math class, paddle for gym, and maybe the hairbrush for English.  It's not that I hated English (I hated Fundamentals of Algebra and gym!), I just couldn't stand the teacher.  She was a royal pain, very domineering, and I didn't do well with authority at that age.  I didn't hate school in general, so I didn't actually leave the building for those three hours.  I hid in the library.  Back then I tended to live in libraries, so it seemed like the best idea.  It's probably why it took them so long to figure out that I'd managed to miss around a month's worth of classes.  It's been over thirty years, so I can't remember the exact amount, but I seem to remember that it was a little over a month, something that couldn't happen these days.  So, a spanking for each class, corner time in between, another spanking with a different implement for the number of days that I skipped, and then the belt for lying about it.  If G. had been around, I would've had to lie about having gone to all my classes to get away with it for that long, so I'm assuming that lying would be the biggest transgression. 

There's something else.  I never got punished for it when it happened, which is probably why I managed to skip a good chunk of 3rd year French.  I have a feeling that once G. finds out that I was never punished for it, (waves to G.), he's going to want to add to the punishment to make up for the lack of punishment at the time.  I have no idea what he'll come up with for that, but I can imagine that it won't be good at all.  Again, he's diabolical when it comes to that kind of thing, and I'm pretty sure he's assumed, up until now, that I had been punished for it.  Once he reads this, he'll know it all.  Even if I had mentioned about the skipping before, I'd never told him the whole thing, but now it's out there, and I'm wondering if we'll be discussing it at some point on the phone.  I want to, but I'm not sure if he does.  I hope he does.  We don't do a lot of talking about it, though we've done more lately than we had in a long time.  I like that, and I'd like to do it even more.    

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