Monday, March 25, 2013

Two very short things

 There are more years of the old SSC in online archives now, and I found a couple things I'd forgotten that I'd written from 2002.  They added a poetry category and a mini saga category.  Mini saga was a challenge: Write a story in 50 words or less.  Of course I had to try it!  For the poetry category I wrote a haiku.  There are longer things I wrote that year too, which I'll post soon. 


Hand on bare bottom
Anticipating the strike
You give, I receive


 The Chase

"Get back here for your spanking!"
She bolts, trying to stay one step ahead. She gets to the bathroom, grasps the door, closing it, as............
"Now you're going to get it," he says, barging in.
"Damn, I gotta take up track," she laughs, as the wooden spoon imprints her butt.


 An explanation for the mini saga.  G. came here to visit in 2001, and we found ourselves alone in the apartment at one point.  I don't remember what I said to instigate things, but the next thing I knew he was chasing me with the wooden spoon!  I TRIED to run into the bathroom because it's the only room with a door that locks. : )  The mini saga was actually what happened.

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