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Story-The Price He Paid

This story is VERY dark, even darker than the one I posted a few days ago.  I wrote this a long time before the other one, for the SSC, but I forget which year.  If dark scenes upset you or trigger you, don't go any further


The Price He Paid

The white hot pain surrounds her, blotting out all else.  It’s the only thing that awakens her soul now.  She feels dead unless the whip is at her back or the cane is welting her mercilessly.  She knows that he doesn’t like to do these things, to take her so far, but he does it because she needs it.  No matter that her body is permanently marked from the times when she pushed him to beat her harder.  The envelope is beyond being pushed, it’s ripped wide open, and there is nothing she can’t handle these days.


He hates what he does to her, but he can’t stand the look in her eyes when she begs him to help her, to take her beyond the edge.  She’s her old self for a while afterwards, so he accepts what he has to do as a way to bring her back.  He hopes that one day he can drive her demons out so he can have her back for good, whole again, but it’s been months already and he doesn’t see an end to it.  He has tried forcing her to agree to a safeword, but her obstinacy on the subject is of monumental proportions.  He also knows she’d find someone else to do this to her if he doesn’t, and he wouldn’t trust anyone else to have her best interests at heart. He’d never “hurt” her.


The endorphins are at such a high level that she doesn’t realize that it’s gone too far.  She doesn’t notice her heart speeding before it stops or her mind becoming jumbled.  Her last lucid thought is that she’s finally “there”.  She feels such immense peace that she thinks she can allow him to back down now.  She tries to safeword, but there’s no sound, and she panics, but only for the briefest moment.  Her heart stops and her mind fades to black.  The peace she once longed for is eternal now.


He sits in the dark apartment, not moving, not really seeing.  Even after a year the image of her still body prone on the bed is burned into the insides of his eyelids and into his brain.  His guilt is as eternal as her peace.  He knows in his heart that he killed her, though the exhaustive investigation exonerated him.  He no longer tries to kill himself, but he no longer tries to live either.  He won’t allow himself the comfort of being around people.  He won’t become involved with a woman again, because he’s afraid he’ll kill her too.  He had just wanted to help her, but now he sees how wrong he was. He should’ve tried to get her help.  She told him her way would work, and he had believed her.  Now she was gone forever and he is left here to be haunted by his mistakes for the rest of his life.  He hopes that it wouldn’t be a long life.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Story-Ping Pong Paddled

 I've left the author names on it this time, because this one was a collaboration.  In 2000 I wrote a lot of stories for the SSC, and one of the categories was Collaborations.  Quester hadn't been on SSS for a while by then, but he said he'd write a story with me.  If I remember right, he didn't do any of the actual writing, but he came up with the idea, and the trap the girl uses.   


Ping Pong Paddled  (f/m, nc)

by Jen and Quester     © 2000

We met in English, and I'd always lusted after her.  I'm a typical
teenage boy after all, and she's gorgeous.  And stacked.  I noticed.

We sat next to each other, and that led to talking about school, which
led to talking about what we wanted to do instead.  That led to planning
our first get-together.  Ping pong, her house.  I couldn't wait.


I got home fast that day.  I liked Jimmy, and had admired his body for
months, especially his butt.  What can I say?  I'm a typical girl, and I

When he got there we went downstairs to the rec room.  He started
getting grabby with me.  He kept brushing against my breasts, and
"accidentally" resting his hands on them.  I knew I had to do something,
and fast.


I figured I was doing okay with Jessica, and was feeling good about
possibly doing more than playing ping pong.  Until she scooted around
the pole in the middle of the room.  I turned to grab for her instead of
going around the pole, and the next thing I knew I was trapped!  She'd
sneaked one of those Chinese finger cuffs onto me, with my arms around the

I panicked.  "Hey, let me go," I said. 

"Eventually," she said, "but first you're going to learn some manners." 

She grabbed a ping pong paddle off the table, and started to paddle my
butt.  HARD. 

"Hey, that hurts!  Cut it out!"

"You haven't felt anything yet, but that's going to change," she said.

She pulled my shorts and underwear down.  I wanted to crawl into a hole.
She kept paddling, and it hurt like hell.  I couldn't help yelling.  I
was helpless, getting paddled, and worst of all, she could see my butt! 


I was really enjoying paddling Jimmy.  I'd never thought about doing
anything like it before, but now that it was happening, it was like it
was a natural thing to do.  I liked the way his butt wiggled, trying to
get away from the paddle.  I liked knowing that I was in charge.  The
paddle was making his butt red, and I really liked that.  Maybe I could
get him to agree to do this again.  Without the Chinese finger cuff.

I'd been spanking him for a while, and my arm was getting tired.  Just
about then, he quit yelling and just took the paddling.  I had a feeling
he'd learned his lesson, so I went around to see his face.  Of course,
facing him like that, I also couldn't help seeing that he was actually
aroused by the whole thing!

"Are you going to stop groping me now, or do you want more?"

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again.  I promise."

I released his fingers from the cuff, and he quickly pulled up his

"How about we just start as friends, okay," I asked.

"You got it.  I know not to try anything like "that" again," he said,
rubbing his butt.

We laughed, ended up playing ping pong and had a great time. 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Story-Bad Girl

I'm posting this, but I'm adding this warning to it.  If extreme or edgy stories tend to freak you out, because of past experience or some other reason, don't read this story.  If you like dark or edgy stories, if some or all of your own fantasies go the extreme, then have at it!

Bad Girl

She wasn't just a naughty girl, she was a bad girl.  She was lazy,
stupid, inconsiderate, and deserved to be beaten.  Not spanked.  Naughty
girls got spanked.  She didn't deserve that.  So she made sure she got
what she deserved.  She pushed and needled and tormented him until he
pushed her down on the bed and beat her with his belt.  So much more
than hard, it was brutal.  But she needed it.  Had to be purged so she
wasn't the bad girl anymore.  After the belt he pulled her roughly up
off the bed by her hair and screamed at her until her ears were ringing.
Good, she thought, she didn't deserve kind words, sweet whispers.  She
wasn't worthy of special treatment.  She should be treated like the dirt
she was. 

She needed the pain he was so willing to give her.  She needed to be
clean again, and needed the heat of the pain to burn away the bad part
of her.  All the guilt and anger and hurt. So she pushed harder, cursed
him as if she hated him, to get him to hurt her.  He pushed her against
the wall, pinning her there with his body as he told her through
gritting teeth how he'd make her suffer for what she was doing.  He
backhanded her across her face, and it stunned her for a second.  Her
mind reeled.  This is what bad girls get, she kept thinking.  She let
the thought fill her mind until it was her only thought.  It was right
this way, right that she be treated so awfully.

He held her there against the wall, holding her arms above her head with
one hand, beating her mercilessly with the riding crop with the other,
all over her body.  Vicious cuts across her breasts and thighs, arms,
legs, everything he could reach.  He whipped her till she screamed, beat
her till she could barely breathe.  Soon there were no thoughts in her
head, just the pain, crowding out the guilt and the hurt, overriding the
anger.  She screamed till she was hoarse, and then the tears came.  Hot
stinging tears, as hot as the cuts from the crop.  Tears that burned
away the bad girl, and left the good girl in her place.  She collapsed
against him, and he carried her to the bed, laying her down, and lying
next to her.

As he cradled her, the heavy sobs turned to whimpers and she fell asleep
in his arms.  I'll never understand why she needs this inhuman treatment
sometimes, he thought to himself as he kissed her forehead.  He just
knew that she did, and not getting it was worse, because it seemed to be
the only way to get it out of her system.  She'd be fine when she woke
up later, be his sweet love again.  She hurt somewhere deep inside, and
only the extreme pain was able to reach in there to calm her again.     

He wrapped his arms around her, protecting her, and fell asleep,
exhausted from the ordeal.   

To post or not to post?

With all the story harvesting I've been doing on Google, there's one that I found that I had totally forgotten about.  It's dark, sort of extreme, and edgy.  It wasn't something that I was looking for really, but I could understand the need behind it back then.  I've changed over the years, and I don't feel that anymore.  I can still understand the need, but only because I'd almost been there before, but I don't think I could handle that kind of session now. 

What I'm wondering is if I should post the story?  I know that some people will find it hot because they like extreme play, or they like dark fantasies.  It's the people who would be upset by reading a scene like the one I wrote that make me undecided about posting it.  So, I'd like some feedback.  Should I post it the way I always do, with a small explanation at the top, post it with a warning as part of the intro, or not post it?  It's M/F, consensual, but to a level that might squick some people.  

Story-Morgan's Discovery

I wrote this twelve years ago as an attempt at a schoolgirl story.  I had no experience with schoolgirl scenes, so I had to go a different route.


Morgan's Discovery

Morgan's attention drifted from the front of the classroom to the
window.  It was too nice outside to be stuck in a classroom.  Why couldn't
they have class outside, where she could breathe.

She was so caught up in her daydream that she didn't hear Mr. Lewis ask
her a question, didn't hear it repeated, and didn't see him stride
angrily toward her.  He brought his hand down hard on the desk, and
Morgan jumped.

"Y-yes, Mr. Lewis," she asked, looking up at him.

"I assume that whatever is going on out there is much more interesting
than the Revolutionary War, but George Washington and I request your
presence in here at the moment," he said.

"Yes, Sir," Morgan said quietly.

"You know the rules, Morgan.  To the front of the room with you," Mr.
Lewis said, pointing to her doom.

Morgan's eyes went wide.  Oh no, she thought, he can't.  I'll be
humiliated!  She was panicked, trying to think of a way out of getting
spanked.  It wasn't unusual, it happened occasionally, but never to her.
She'd always made sure of that.  She'd never been spanked.  The problem
was, she wanted to, very much.  But if it happened now, he'd know. Know
what a naughty girl she really was.  It just couldn't happen!

"Please, don't make me go up there!  I can't!  Pleeeeease," she pleaded,
tears already forming.

Mr. Lewis pointed again, silently, and Morgan got up and walked slowly
to the front.  At the last second she ran out the door, and stood crying
in the hallway.  When Mr. Lewis came out of the room, she was still
there.  She barely realized that he stood there watching her.

When he put his arms around her, she melted into sobs.  He knew that a
scene like that would be difficult to explain, so he led her into an
empty office nearby.

"Morgan, what is it?  You can't be this upset by the threat of a little

Somehow the truth came spilling out of her.  How she'd always felt
different because the idea of a spanking made her insides melt.  How
she'd never been spanked, but dreamed of it.  Everything she'd ever felt
or thought about it.

Finally she stopped.  "You think I'm horrible, don't you.  Some sick kid
who needs help," she said flatly.

"No, Morgan.  I think what you're feeling is normal for you, and there
are others who feel the same way.  I do think you need to wait until
you're older to act on those feelings, but I don't think you're sick to
have them."

Morgan looked at him, shocked.  She'd just told him her worst secret, and
he wasn't yelling or saying she was bad.  "Thank you," she said, with a
weak smile.

"You're welcome.  I AM going to have to think of a different punishment
for you.  I don't want you confusing discipline with pleasure.  Now go put
some water on your face, and come back to class when you're ready."


Dear Diary,

Today I found out I'm NORMAL!!!! I'm so RELIEVED!!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Story: Willful Disobedience

 This is the first story I ever wrote for an SSC (Short Story Contest) on SSS.  1999.  Yikes, that was a long time ago already!


Willful Disobedience

As Vicky held the receiver to her ear, the phone ringing on the other
end made her start doubting her decision to dial. He had told her not to
call, but she had to hear his voice. Emails were fine, but she just had
to know finally, what his voice sounded like.

"Hello." A man's deep velvet voice. HIS voice, and suddenly her knees
wouldn't hold her up.

"Hi, Jeff, it's Vicky," she stammered.

"I thought I said no phone calls, Victoria Lorraine."

Oh, cripes, her full name. Not a good sign. "I know, but......but I just
had to
hear you finally. The suspense was killing me."

Jeff's voice was stern. "The rule was there for a reason, you know. You
weren't supposed to disobey."

"Jeff, what could it hurt? Just one little phone call?" She was pleading
now, not knowing what else to do.

"You knew the consequences when you picked up that phone, didn't you?
You made a conscious decision to disobey me. You leave me no choice, you
know that."

"Yes, sir," slipping so easily into the submissive mindset again.
"What will happen now, Victoria?"

She hated this, but she felt the thrill just the same. "You're going to
punish me."

"Yes, and how will I punish you?" The words pouring into her soul.

"You're going to spank me, Sir. Hard. bare bottom." She was
getting wet, despite the dread she felt.

"That's right. Now I want you to do something for me, naughty girl. You
initiated this phone call, against my wishes, and now I want something
in return. I want you to come for me so that I can hear you."

Oh god, on the phone? Now? But she knew better than to disobey him a
second  time. "Yes, sir."

She reached down, underneath her skirt, inside her panties, to that
wetness she knew was there. She gasped as her fingers found that little
button of ecstasy.   She played with herself, moaning softly, urgently.
She had been close to the brink anyway, and it didn't take her long
before she came, with an explosive "Oh, Jeff!" She sat there, spent,
breathing hard.

"Good girl," he said, "but you'll still be spanked for your little act
of disobedience. I'll let you know when and where."

"Yes, Sir," she breathed heavily, trying to recover her senses.

"Goodbye, Victoria. Remember, no more phone calls."

"Yes Sir!" she said, "Hey, one more thing!"

"Yes, Victoria?" Still stern.

"You sure know how to make working late by myself bearable! What should
I bring home for dinner?"

"Oh, I don't know. Chinese again?"

"You got it. See you in a few. Love ya!"

"Love you too, you sexy, naughty little vixen you! Now get home quick!
I'm starved, and I don't mean for food!" He laughed.

"Yes SIR," she giggled.

Story: How to Torment a Top

This isn't my usual writing style, but it's also really old.  I'm not sure I had a style yet in the first year or two that I started writing spanking stories.  This one's from twelve years ago, and I was trying out different ways of writing.  I didn't normally write the word SMACK in a story, but it fit this one.


How to Torment a Top


"Did you start yet?"


"When you gonna start! I need a spankin'!"

"Oh, you need more than a spanking at this point, Little Girl. My belt
and I are going to show you a thing or two."


"Come ON already! Geeeeez, I don't have all night here!"

"You have been asking for this for much too long, and as far as I'm
concerned, you've definitely got all night if that's what it takes! What
are you giggling about, Young Lady?! You think this is funny?!"

"Uh, yeah, I do. I wanna spankin'!"


"Where's the phone, I think I'll call Deborah, since we're not doing


"I'm bored. Guess I'll turn on the tv. Where's the remote?"


"Where'd you hide the checkbook? Maybe I'll do something constructive
and balance it while I'm lying here doing nothing."


"It's so quiet, I think I'll just go to sleep early tonight."


"Maybe I should start our Christmas card list. I've only got 4 months

"ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH! I give up! You're driving me crazy!!"

"Hey, where you going?! It was just getting good!!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Blast from the Past Party Report

 I decided to post this one because it was the one where G. came to town for the party.  A couple things.  One, this is part one of two, but Google isn't giving up part two, so this may have to be it.  Two, you'll notice the amazement which I express that our friend and her husband brought their LAPTOPS to the party with them.  You have to know, this was March 2001.  People weren't in the habit of carrying those around all over the place the way they are now.  There were no smart phones either. LOL Wow, we've come so far in eleven years!

G. got to town last Friday morning, and slept most of the day, because
being the vampire that he is, he had stayed up all night to get the
early plane. I called him at the hotel when he first got there, and
right away he started razzing me about the weather. LOL It had been 50
degrees two days before, but as soon as he showed up it was cold and
SNOWING. I think he brought it with him actually. (which I feel
completely safe in saying, now that he's ALL the way back in NY again.)
You just THINK you are safe- G.
So we planned that I'd wake him up for dinner, which I did, and we did
dinner late, around 8, with my nephew. He's 17, so it wasn't like I was
carting a little kid around.

So after dinner, I dropped my nephew back off at my apartment (he was
over for the weekend), and G. said to call when I got there and he'd
come and pick me up. So I did that, and only SLIGHTLY goofed up the
directions to the apartment. I just told him that the driveway was on
the wrong side of the street. Luckily I realized it when I was waiting
for him, so I waited outside for him and waved him to the right side.
Which was the left side, in actuality ;-) - G.
After he finally saw my webtv setup, (I think he wonders how the hell I
manage now LOL), we went back to the hotel, and somehow I ended up
getting my first of FOUR punishment spankings. He decided that he was
going to see if the cane could be used for punishment, which I seriously
doubted, considering my love of the cane, but he was DETERMINED.
I considered it a challenge to be met, an "experiment" to do - G.
He put the chair in the middle of the room, told me to get up on the
chair, so I knelt on the seat, and he pushed me over the back of it,
rather forcefully. Then he pulled my pants and panties down, and
proceeded to give me a punishment caning I'll never forget. It was hard
and fast, with no time between strokes to get used to the pain. I cried
harder than I ever have from any of his punishment spankings. Everybody
knows I don't cry when I get caned! I was impressed that he was able to
do that.

Later on we ended up talking about things and I was kneeling at the foot
of the bed (I wasn't about to sit after THAT caning! LOL), and we got
around to talking about bills and checking accounts, and he got his
ruler out. I got swats every time he didn't like my answer. Good thing
it was over my pants! (Spankings are bare bottom, swats are over pants,
at least that's MY take on it!)
It is not a policy or anything like that, I was just being lazy- G.
I ended up agreeing to be a good girl about the checking account and to stop
calling it the "Doofus Checking Account Plan".
Some people just can't do anything the EASY way (of course, what fun
would that be for me if she did)- G.
The next day we got up early (anything before 10 is early for a vampire
), and I got my SECOND punishment spanking, this time with the evil
weighted hairbrush, now nicknamed "The Depleted Uranium Hairbrush".

NB- They make armor piercing shells with depleted Uranium not because of
any nuclear energy reasons, but because it is extremely *hard* and very
dense, hence heavy. The reason for the nickname of the hairbrush should,
thus, be self-evident.- G.
GEEEEZ, that thing is LETHAL. OWOWOWOWOW!!! Needless to say, he had me
dissolved in tears again in short order. Good thing those don't last
very long. That spanking was for giving notice at my last job before I
had something else lined up. He wasn't going to punish me for it, until
he found out that it could happen again if the situation arose. Believe
me, it WON'T happen again. I don't want to get spanked like that again!!
Good to know I accomplished my objective (all while having fun, of
course)- G.
After that, we waited for Ang (notabrat) and her husband to show up,
because they were coming to the party too. We spent the day with them,
talking computers. G. can no longer say that I'm addicted to email.
Ang brought her LAPTOP with her!!
Actually, both she and her husband had laptops and they were, IIRC,
networked together :-)) -G.
I hadn't checked my emails since the night before, and there she was
carrying her connection WITH her! So that proves I'm not addicted.
(I know that's some kind of fallacy, but I'm damned if I can figure out
which one )
It is an incomplete (implicit) syllogism. Jen needs emails less than
Ang, (Ang is not addicted to e-mails) => Jen is not addicted to e-mails.
Note that I put the incomplete part in parenthesis- there is not a hint
of an assertion that Ang is NOT addicted to e-mail, in fact, I would say
she is also quite addicted.- G.
The party was good, as always, even if I did look like I'd already BEEN
to the party before we even got there! LOL I did get my very first ever
birthday spanking at the party. G. put me over his knee and spanked me
with the evil hairbrush, and I had to count the last five! I NEVER
count! I usually CAN'T count because I get lost in the spanking, trying
to stay on top of the pain. G. rubbed my bottom afterwards, and that
was great! I like birthday spankings.
Even with the DUH? (Depleted Uranium Hairbrush, that is, I rather like
the acronym)- G.
I didn't get spanked at the party besides that one, but considering how
spanked I already was, it didn't matter all that much. Eventually I WAS
in the mood for my usual caning though, so after Spank Court, G. and
I, with Ang going along to watch, went up to the room. I wondered what
it would be like to get caned by G., NOT as punishment. Getting caned
is a big thing for me, and getting to the zone is the ultimate goal, so
I got comfortable on the bed, and waited. G. canes really well, even
NOT for punishment. I relaxed into it, and by the end I knew we were
getting somewhere. I don't know how many strokes I got (neither of us
ever counts these things), but when he was done, he ran the cane lightly
over my bottom and asked how I was. I mumbled something completely
unintelligible, LOL, and he knew I was blissed out. It was WONDERFUL.
Glad to help out :-)) - G.
HE wasn't tired of course, and with Ang there, he decided to get her
second spanking over with. He put her over his knee, and I stayed on the
bed, sloooowly coming down from my state of bliss. : ) I could see her
bottom was pretty well marked from the spanking he'd given her earlier,
and he proceeded to handspank her hard and well. I'd never seen him
spank anybody before, and it was amazing. I could see that power of his.
I was lying there, so relaxed that I could hardly move, and I watched
Ang get a spanking worthy of any painslut. At one point I asked
G. why he didn't ever rub MY bottom during a spanking, and he
said,"Because you misbehave and disobey me." HOT button time! Wow! I
know that most of my spankings are punishment ones from him.

Not really because Jen is particularly "naughty", but more because we
meet very infrequently (this is the second time), so there are lots of
opportunity to accumulate punishments on the "queue"- G.
I was very impressed by how much Ang took. It was a hard enough spanking
to make G.'s hand balloon up! That's as good as _I_ can take, and
everybody knows what a big ol' painslut I am.
I was impressed too. A bit of advice to other Tops out there, if your
hand is getting played out from a hand spanking, be stoic about it- you
are NOT going to get any sympathy :-)) - G.
I'm just noticing how long this post is getting, so I'm going to stop
here, and continue it in a second post. There's still the rest of
Saturday night and Sunday to talk about! I promise, as soon as I get it
written and sent to G. for his comments, and get it back from him,
I'll post it. You'll know who to blame if it takes a while, and it won't
be me, cuz I'm a GOOD girl.
Oh, THAT's nice, point the finger at me. I wouldn't be too quick to
accuse *other* people of procrastination if I were you - G.

A Sorceress' Tale

Another story I wrote 12 years ago.  This one is definitely different from most that I've written, but it came to me one day, and it almost wrote itself.  


A Sorceress' Tale

The tales of the fierce dragon and its sorceress-mistress were widespread.  Many knights had been sent to rid the land of the pair, but none had succeeded.  One knight, Sir Horace, asked the king to send him to finish the deed that had been attempted so many times before.  The
king was reluctant at first to give up his best knight, as all who returned from the quest had been shaken and ruined for further duties, but Sir Horace was adamant about going.

Sir Horace traveled for many days, and finally came to the place that had been spoken of by previous knights.  There he saw a beautiful woman and a lizard the size of a dog. 

"You can't be she who plagues our land with magic and fear," he said, still sitting on his horse. 

"I am what I am, Sir, though some may be fool enough to think me more," the woman said.

Sir Horace dismounted, and approached, having no fear of the woman.  He saw nothing to convince him that she was a menace. 

"How is it that so many knights have returned in sad condition if you are not a sorceress," he asked.

"Many men felt threatened, and were conquered easily.  I desire a man who will not feel threatened by the strength of my will, and can give what I need," she answered.

"And that is," Horace asked, curious to know.

"Love, respect, guidance, correction when I get beyond myself.  I run wild at times," she said, with a mischievous look in her eye.

"That is easy to give, when a woman is so deserving of it," Horace said, his voice becoming raspy with desire for her.

"Ah, but so many thought themselves capable, and were proved wrong.  They were weak and I had my way with them.  It was too easy," she said. 

"Even strong women must be punished when they misuse their powers," he said, striding towards her.

She seemed suddenly afraid, unsure for the first time since he'd arrived.  He let that work in his favor, and took her by the wrist to bend her over.  He thrust her skirts up over her naked bottom, and
started to spank her.  She squealed and wiggled and promised never to do it again.  He stopped when her bottom was a nice shade of red, and then stood her up, letting her skirts fall back to cover her.

"You're coming back with me, my Lady, and there will be no protest from you," Horace proclaimed.

"No, Sir," she said shyly, not wanting to look into his eyes, but almost compelled to do so.   

He helped her onto his horse, gave her the lizard to carry, and leaped up to sit behind her.  She rode back to the castle leaning back against him, with a satisfied sigh and a warm bottom.  She was a very happy sorceress.

They were married soon after, and lived blissfully ever after.

The Ladies Who Lived on the Corner

I wrote this 12 years ago, but until now I thought it was lost.  I wanted to find it but had given up until today, when I was able to rescue it from Google!   


To the people on the block it seemed as if they had been together
always.  No one remembered them moving in, they'd just always been
there.  The two ladies, whom everyone knew to be lovers.  Their ages
were a mystery, they were described as older but a bit ageless.
To see them on the street one would never guess their true secret.  They
were lovers yes, that was obvious by how they were with each other, and
how they looked at each other.  What was never guessed was what happened
when no one else was about.  When it was just the two of them in that
little house on the corner.

You see, Laurel and Josie had a unique aspect to their relationship.
Josie was the boisterous, outgoing one of the pair, while Laurel was
quieter.  People thought that Josie was the more dominant of the two,
but they were wrong. Behind closed doors it was Laurel who took the
upper hand, literally.  Many nights would find Josie across Laurel's
lap, being spanked.  Not for punishment, but because they both loved it.
They needed it as they needed each other, and Laurel loved spanking
Josie's bare bottom.  Josie would purr, moan, and writhe, driving Laurel
mad with passion for her, even after so many years.  Laurel would spank
Josie's bottom till it was the color of the early sunset, and then they
would lie together, making love as passionately as they had when they'd
first met, many decades before.

This was their true secret, the one not even whispered about in the
neighborhood, because no one knew.  That was how it had always been, how
it would always be.  It was what kept them young, despite the fact that
Laurel was nearing seventy-five, and Josie was but a few years younger.
A delicious secret for the two, knowing that Josie often went about her
daily tasks in the yard and the neighborhood with a red hot bottom, and
a secret smile that was shared by Laurel.

The neighbors only saw them as a cute couple, and so they missed the
unspoken bond between them.  The one never spoken of, but treasured as
they treasured each other.  The bond that had always been, and would
always be, for the rest of their lives.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

G.'s story-The Vampire Strikes Back

G. has given permission for me to post his first and only ever story, which he used to delurk on SSS back in September of 1998 (a month before I showed up LOL).  It's short, but HOT!


The Vampire Strikes Back
(with apologies to G. Lucas)

        It is the night before Worldcon, the socializing ends
relatively early, at around midnight.  I am in my signature costume
already, black tuxedo trousers white ruffle shirt, black vest, black
bow tie, gold pentagram with red stone in the center, walking stick,
and black satin cape with red satin interior lining.  My lady is
wearing a simple black evening gown and a black choker with red stone
as a highlight.  I encircle her with both halves of the cloak and say
"You realize that absolutely nothing is going to happen before noon
tomorrow, we have a few hours to before we need to sleep".  I smile
and run my tongue across the fang prosthetics, a gleam in my eyes.  I
doff the cape with a practiced flourish and discard the walking stick
(way too big heavy and thuddy for the business at hand).  I take the
straight back chair from the desk and bring it to the center of the
room.  I return to my lady, grasp her svelte waist and escort her to
the chair.  I sit, drape her over my knees, and lift the back of her
        I pause, lasciviously staring at the red satin panties
(matching costumes) and the wonders enclosed within.  I spank slowly
at first, pausing every so often to run my hand over the marvelously
smooth satin.  At the point I feel the satin becoming warm to the
touch, I lower the panties disclosing the pinkening bottom beneath.  I
step up the tempo of spanks and wait for the pattern of her breathing
to change.  I then lift her off my lap toss the shirt and hang the
rest of the costume over the chair, when I turn around I find her nude
form positioned for the finale, head and knees on the bed, her legs
spread and lovely fanny in the air.  I finger the wetness between her
legs to increase her arousal again, take my belt and commence her
spanking with it.
        As she climaxes, I reach between her thighs and engulf my
finger in her wetness.  I withdraw the finger, replacing it with one
from my other hand and part her enflamed cheeks.  Carefully moistening
her wrinkled hole, I slowly insert the finger as a soft groan escapes
her.  As the finger increases its tempo, her breathing once again
quickens, seemingly keeping pace.  My own sex is engorged and rigid as
I get to my knees and enter her from behind.  In a chain reaction she
begins climaxing setting off the powerful, familiar, and welcome
muscular pulsations within me.  She collapses, prone on the bed and I
topple on my side facing her.  As I put the covers over us nestling
her in my arms a thought reverberates inside my head, "This is my best
Worldcon ever and it hasn't even started".

Authors note:  The vampire costume and setting are real, the lady is,
alas, fictional - currently (hope springs eternal)

Five Days with a Vampire Part 2

For some odd reason we woke up really early on Saturday morning, 7:30,
which gave me the normal three hours of sleep I'd been managing every
night during the trip. We talked for a while, got dressed, went to
breakfast, which was a first for G. (you know vampires don't do
breakfast! ) and then went to panels ALL DAY. Started at 10 in the
morning, and the last one ended late, after 7! They were all extremely
interesting science panels, about everything from immortality to new
ways they're trying to come up with to shoot off rockets and spaceships.
I learned a lot, and G. would occasionally add something here or there
to what the panelists were saying.

We did dinner with other friends of his this time, and did more party
wandering for hours and hours, (and played a really cool game "Apples to
Apples, which I want to get), and then we ended up in MY room this time.
He wanted immediate access to the paddles and the hairbrush! He had me
take off my pants and panties again, but this time had me bend ALL the
way over and touch the floor. I'm rather flexible, and can stand with my
palms flat on the floor. He spanked me with the hairbrush to
start, I think, scolding me while he spanked, and it HURT! I was trying
like crazy to stay in position, which I usually don't have a problem
with. I know I was writhing around and making all kinds of noise, and
then he gave me two smacks at the end of it with the paddle. HARD! At
least I THINK it was the paddle. I was already crying hard and
apologizing by that time, so it's difficult to tell.
My recollection was that it I finished off using the hairbrush, which is
oh so effective.
I couldn't believe that it had happened again. I've been spanked
endlessly at parties, to the point where even Muffy thought I was crazy,
and had never had this reaction before, let alone this consistently!
Again he held me till I calmed down, and then after a while we went
to sleep.

Sunday G. slept in, though I didn't, and we only went to two panels,
one about cryonics and then one about nanotechnology. Very interesting
stuff, and I already knew some of the stuff about nanotech before we
went to the convention (that's what happens when you have three hour
phone calls with a physics major ), so I followed most of the panel
easily enough.

After dinner (again with friends), we went to the computer room so that
I could check my emails and G. could check something he was curious
about. I only checked my emails TWICE the whole time I was there, and if
you know me and emails, that's like not checking them at all! at G.>
Who is of the opinion that Jen is too absorbed by e-mail and chat.

Then we did the party wandering again, for hours and hours, and G. got
caught up in this conversation at one party that was very technical,
about space travel. The no sleep bit was catching up to me at that
point, considering it was really late, so I might have zoned during a
little of it , but I
caught enough of it to know that he really knows his stuff! I was
I wandered into the middle of the conversation, from what I gather, this
guy who knew just enough about spacecraft to be dangerous was trying
(again and again) to come up with cost saving ways of building
satellites/spacecraft. The other folks, whom I took to be industry
professionals (WorldCon gets their share of engineers from JPL and the
like), were pointing up how these suggestions were like to make the
spacecraft more likely to fail and /or wouldn't buy you much. Some of it
was just good engineering practice (the Keep It Simple Stupid principle)
other aspects required knowing a bit about the space environment. I'm
not a professional rocket scientist, supercomputers are the day job, but
I have read enough to hold my own (my handle, apoapsis, came from
orbital mechanics after all)

I should mention at this point that I had been bratting it up a TEENSY
bit all night.
Think 3-year-old up way past bedtime.
I don't know what came over me, but I went for it! I KNEW what would
happen, but I still did it. I'd act all innocent of course, but for some
reason he wasn't buying it. I thought I was pretty convincing! LOL So
when we got back to his room, I knew I was done for. He got his belt
out, and told me to take off my pants and panties, and to bend over the
way I had the night before. This was my first experience with his belt,
and he had me straining to stay in position again. The smacks across the
lowest part of my bottom were the hardest to take, especially since my
legs were spread, so the belt could get to places yet untouched! Then of
course he switched to the evil hairbrush from hell again, all the time
scolding me. He reduced me to tears yet again, a perfect record. While
he was holding me afterwards he did comment on the fact that I had taken
so much and had actually made it through the whole queue of punishment
spankings we'd had to save up. I THINK he was impressed.............
Jen did real good.
Monday morning came and we woke up relatively early I think. We talked,
this time about ourselves for a change, which we don't do that much of.
Sometime during the conversation I said that since I'd had all my
punishment spankings, maybe I could have a fun spanking again, like on
the first day. I had mentioned that Mish had said that his handspankings
were something to panic about, LOL, so we decided that I would get a
handspanking. I should preface this by saying that I've been known to
wear out Tops who have handspanked me. Being such a painslut, it takes a
LOT to get me to squirm from a spanking that way. This was also a first.
He spanks very hard, and doesn't ever wear out!! I kept expecting him to
say that his arm was getting tired or that his hand was hurting, but he
never gave out.
Hey, this ain't no wimpy Top here :-)
That impressed me! He spanked hard enough and long enough for me to
actually get to the level I like.  I checked in the mirror afterwards, and
my bottom was a very nice color. : ) The bruises had almost all
disappeared by then, which may have been because I took my
vitamin C's and E's with me.

We got dressed after a while, (the first time I saw him in regular
clothes!) and went to have lunch. During lunch, he came up with the most
evil punishment plan for future misbehavior. His grin should've tipped
me off that this wouldn't be good. It's difficult to handle punishment
spankings from long distance, so he came up with the ultimate. No emails
for a day or a weekend, depending on the severity of the crime!!!!! I
said that was just MEAN to even think of, and instead of saying, "Well,
then don't break the rules," or something equally innocuous, he said,
"Then don't be a bad girl," thereby hitting half a dozen hot buttons!!!!
So now I HAVE to be a good girl, because I can't do without my emails!
See, I told you- a total addict
Also, after I've been spanked I have to be a good girl anyway. Side
effect of being punished.  Since it was the last day, we got all packed
up, and then hit the dealer room because G. hadn't managed to get
down there once the whole time!
WorldCons are notable for having multiple things one wants to do at any
given time. In this case, what with my usual crowd, some folks I know
from another online forum, and Jen, my schedule was even more crowded
than usual.
So we did that, and then met up with my friend who was driving me back
home. We got our stuff out of the rooms, and then after a minor snafu at
the checkout desk (where I just barely managed not to snap),
The part I don't understand is continuing to be upset AFTER the folks at
the front desk have found out what is wrong and made everything right.
it was time to say goodbye. Just before he got in the taxi we hugged,
and that was really nice. I grinned and told him I'd email, AFTER I got
some sleep of course (yeah right!).
My, aren't we brave, after I am hundreds of miles away, that is.
Then he got in the taxi and took off for the airport.

I had an incredible adventure for the first time in my life, and meeting
G. was the biggest part of that. If things work out, he'll be coming
here for a spanking party in March. I want him to see me get caned!
sounds like something to look forward to.

So ends my five days (and mostly nights!) with a vampire.


Five Days with a Vampire Part 1

First, to explain, this is a VERY old post, from back in the SSS days.  I just found it on Google, after thinking it was gone forever, because it was written two years before I had a computer.  Webtv had no way of saving anything.  It's from September 2000, and it's the account of the first time G. and I met face to face.  Like with my New York post, there is commentary from G. in it.  This is part one, because it needed so much detail.  The only thing I've changed is cutting his name down to G.  On SSS I used his whole first name.


Last week I went to Worldcon in Chicago. I was going to meet G. there,
and we'd been planning it most of this year, if not ALL of this year.
When I got there I checked to see if he was around, and I should've
figured he was still asleep. What can you expect from a vampire? So
I went downstairs to check out the dealer's room and all the other stuff
they have, and just generally acclimating myself to being in a different
city for the first time in years, and being there by myself for at least
a little part of the time. I waited three whole hours to finally call
G. in his room, because I figured it wouldn't be TOO early. He'd
always said that as long as it was afternoon I wouldn't get in trouble
for waking him up!

The plan was to get massive amounts of sleep in before the Convention,
'cause I certainly wouldn't get any DURING the Con. That I mostly
accomplished the previous day.
I think it helped to hear his voice on the phone first, before actually
seeing him. We spend hours and hours on the phone, and I'm used to that.
He said he'd be down to my room as soon as he'd gotten ready, and as
soon as I knew it was a certainty, the nerves hit. I couldn't sit still,
my stomach was fluttering, and I was panicked that he wouldn't like what
he saw. I ran around like a crazy person getting myself into something
resembling semi-perfect.

When I heard the knock on the door I had to keep from running over and
flinging it open. I looked through the little peephole and there he was,
in full costume already. I opened the door, and the last physical
barrier was gone. I was still so nervous as he came in and we started
talking. He sat on the edge of the bed, and so did I. It didn't take
long before the nerves were completely gone and I was completely
comfortable with the fact that the reality had finally replaced the

We talked about things in general, most of which escape me now.
Eventually I dragged out my baseball bag with all my toys, and he of
course wanted to try them out. I've learned something. Don't spank a
painslut over jeans! LOL My butt's hard enough as it is, and jeans make
it damn near impossible to save certain kinds of toys from destruction.
As hard as G. spanks, it's a good thing I have so many indestructible
toys. Wow! I think he knows me well enough to know that I like it hard.
I am genetically a painslut, I think.
HER toys are indestructible, luckily. About half of MY toys gave up the
ghost when being used :-)
After all the toys had been used, I looked in the mirror at his
handiwork. I was so bruised I wondered how I was going to handle the
next five days! I knew I hadn't been spanked in six months, but hadn't
figured that it would take me all the way back to the early days when I
got marked so easily.

We talked some more, and then went down to the convention. Being the
first day, it wasn't very crowded, so it was easy to get around. We went
out with his friends for dinner, and then went party wandering, which
lasted till about 1:30 in the morning. Then we ended up back in his
room, talking for hours and hours. At some point, and maybe he can
remember WHY, he wanted me to figure out a math problem. Well, he KNOWS
that math and I don't get along, and for some reason it brings out the
brat in me. I protested, and then he said to stand up, which wasn't a
good sign. I said I'd do the math, and he said, "Yes you will, after you
get spanked." ACK! A real live punishment spanking for something I'd
just done! He told me to take OFF my jeans and panties, and to bend over
the bed. I did, and he spanked me really hard. I think it was with the
hairbrush, considering he likes it way too much. Something odd
happened during that spanking. I really started regretting being a brat
and goading him into spanking me (I admitted doing that when he asked),
and I started crying. He kept spanking me until I was crying full-force,
and when he knew that I really was sorry for doing it, he stopped. I was
shocked that it had actually happened, because anybody who knows this
part of me knows that I don't cry while being spanked! He held me while
I cried, and until I calmed down, which was VERY nice, and then we ended
up talking again (after I'd figured out the math problem : )) until
about 8 in the morning.

Other details will be left to the imagination, because I don't know if
I'm the type to "kiss and tell".

Jump to the next night, after going to science panels (I actually
learned things!) and dinner and more parties, this time with a recently
partly converted friend of mine, and her friend. She's more into the
power exchange but she has been spanked, and her friend wanted to buy my
Loopy! So we all went party wandering for hours,
Despite your friend's sister doing a number on her knee while going down
the stairs
and then they went to my room for the night and we went to G.'s room.
I got spanked again, but noticed something strange about my bottom. The
bruises were going away instead of multiplying! Anyway, that night G.
had me bending over the bed again, and pinned my legs with one of his,
and spanked me HARD. The same thing happened, I cried DURING the
spanking. Two nights in a row! He held me again afterwards (I think
that's one of the best things about this, not counting the actual
spanking!) and we ended up going to bed at 4:30, like normal people.

I think I'm going to stop here and make this a two-parter, because I
don't want to leave anything out!
To be continued..................

Thursday, August 2, 2012

20 years ago today

Yesterday I realized that today would have been my 20th wedding anniversary.  It made me very happy that it wasn't.  I couldn't imagine still being married to my ex.  My life would be hell if we'd stayed together.  I married him at an age where I thought that if I asked nicely, he would oblige my kink.  Well, that didn't work, because he didn't understand it.  Not only was he vanilla, he didn't even have an imagination.  The only reason we didn't do it in the missionary position was because he had bad knees, so we had to do it with me on top.  EVERY TIME.  No variation.  It was okay at first, but after a while it got old.  Until it got to be rare.  After the first few years we had sex once a month.  Then it happened even less.  By the time he left we hadn't had sex in almost six months.  Later on I found out that he had been planning on leaving for about nine months, so it made sense then.  I hadn't been happy anyway.  The couple times I had talked him into Topping me, he had no idea what to do, and constantly Topping from the Bottom took all the joy out of it for me.  It turned out that, even though he was vanilla, he was THE most submissive man I'd ever met.  He couldn't stand up for himself, even with me, and I needed him to at times.  I needed him to take charge when I couldn't do it myself.  He was incapable of it, and I became bossier as time when on.  I only did it out of complete frustration at having married a man who refused to have a backbone about ANYTHING.  He only knew how to be passive aggressive instead.  I didn't have access to the internet back then.  Hell, it took a couple years before I even knew about the internet, and then I didn't know that there were people on it who wanted to be spanked like me.  So for five and a half years I was stuck in a marriage where my needs couldn't be met, and the only way I could get off during sex was to fantasize about spanking in my head.  When he left, on April Fool's Day no less, I was upset only at the thought that I wouldn't be married anymore.  I liked the being married part, because I liked having the status it seemed to give me.  I had no problem sleeping by myself, and five days later, I got over it.  When he left, there was no note, no message on the machine, nothing.  I had no idea what exactly had gone wrong for HIM.  I still don't.  On the fifth day I was finally able to get his uncle on the phone, who told me that no matter what I did, he wasn't coming back.  I made the decision in that moment that I wasn't going to fight to keep him, since he obviously didn't want to be with me.  I haven't seen or talked to him since the morning of April 1st, 1998.  He was even too much of a coward to let me be in court for the divorce.  

Six months later, my great aunt gave me her Webtv box.  I couldn't afford a computer back then, and this gave me the access to the internet.  By then I knew that there were spanking sites on the internet, so I went to those, but it was the day I went searching for newsgroups that my life changed forever.  I found soc.sexuality.spanking, and there were all these people on there, talking about spanking like it was the most normal thing in the world, and also about every day things that proved to me that they were like everybody else.  I had always thought I was sick and twisted for wanting to be spanked, and my ex's opinion of the whole thing hadn't helped change that.  For the first time in my life I felt like I was home.  I was connected to people who finally understood me.  I lurked for all of about a week, and then I couldn't take it, I started commenting on posts.  I officially delurked on October 30, 1998, and became a real part of the group.

I had been repressed sexually my whole life, mostly because of my need to be spanked.  I had thought it was an impossible need, something I'd only be able to fantasize about for my whole life.  Finding the group showed me that I could have what I wanted and needed.  It freed me.  At my first party, less than a year later, I felt like I was born to do what we do.  I wanted to experience it all, and I did my best.  I was a kid in a candy store.  A wonderfully amazing kinky candy store, and I loved it.  I was finally able to be the person I was meant to be.  It was the start of my new life, the beginning of what's been an amazing adventure.        

Twenty years ago today I got married, thinking that was going to be the rest of my life.  The best thing my ex ever did was to leave when he did.  I was in my mid 30's, just coming into my own, with the opportunity to find out who I was for the first time.  I explored everything, finding out what I liked, what I didn't like, what I wanted, what I needed, and what was essential to my being when it came to kink.  The only thing that bothers me now is that I can't be open about who I really am with most people.  Some day I hope that changes too.